You have Three options to purchase the Rolling Deck

Once you call, our team will explain the steps necessary to enable the production of your deck.

After all is agreed, we will agree to a date to deliver all the parts.


We are aware that not everyone has the same budget, and as such, Alkira can offer you three purchase options:

structure aluminium terrasse mobile

Firt Option

Purchase a Rolling Deck in Kit Form

We ship the aluminum structure (without decking material) in kit form along with an installation manual.

Two people can assemble it over a weekend. Our sliding aluminium decks are designed to be mounted quickly and simply.


As necessary, our support team can help you.

Second Option

We install the aluminium deck structure on site for you, but without the decking materials (wood)

We can do this in mainland France and also in certain neighbouring countries (Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain,…).  We install the aluminum structure to your pool and then leave you to complete the installation by adding the decking of your choice

Terrasse mobile de piscine
Terrasse mobile bois composite

Third Option

We do a complete installation of the aluminium rolling deck structure and the decking of your choice.

This is the most complete option in which our teams will mount the aluminum structure and will install the decking materials of your choice on it.

Your project will be completed, and your pool will be protected.

All you will have to do is to enjoy your new terrace, once our work is done and our team has left.